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Analyze Graph Movement Based on NFT Calendar

One of the new development trends that is quite attractive in this technological era is the sale and purchase of digital assets, NFT is one of the digital asset products that is currently being discussed a lot. Moreover, the internet now also supports easy access to the NFT Calendar website.

NFT Drops Calendar. Non-Fungible Token Drops Calendar is an… | by Mohammed  Machraoui | Medium

What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, as previously stated, are a digital asset that represents real-world objects. Paintings, audio art, in-game goods, and short videos are all examples of NFT. Cryptocurrency, often known as crypto currency, is one of the currencies that can be used to make NFT purchases.

NFT is just a digital asset that symbolizes a valued thing with a value that cannot be replaced or swapped. The blockchain contains transaction log data for each NFT. This information includes the creator, price, and ownership history.

What is the NFT Calendar?

The NFT Calendar is a thing that provides information about drop dates and other interesting events. Generally, some platforms will display the release schedule of works from well-known artists to newbies in the market.

What is NFT Calendar ’s Benefit

NFT Calendar is the best way to buy the best releases on all available Marketplaces. This reduces the act of switching from one platform to another. On this Calendar, the best NFTs are placed from various markets. Some of the benefits of the NFT Calendar can be felt in various fields.

Industry of Art

The NFT Calendar ‘s first function is to serve the art industry. The NFT’s qualities and originality re-evaluate the digital arts sector. NFT provides the necessary protection for works published online, where content can be freely circulated and quickly claimed, causing harm to the creator.


The property, asset, license, and sports industries are inextricably linked to the business sectors that would gain from this NFT. It’s simple since every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, reducing theft, fraud, and asset loss.

Hobbies and Recreation

NBA Top Shot footage, Virtual Cats from CryptoKitties, and unique avatars from CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and Axie Infinity are just a few instances of how NFTs work in the Hobby sectors.

NFT Calendar: The Best Upcoming Projects of 2022

How to promote NFT art on Rarible via NFT Calendar

You can enter your favorite projects in a variety of ways. One of them is making use of the NFT Calendar. The approach is used in the following processes:

  • Begin by entering your NFT title as Event Title.
  • Describe the content you intend to include in the Calendar.
  • Include the start and end dates, as well as the moment you listed your item on the marketplace. Indicate the Marketplace where your NFT is actually placed.
  • Include a link to your creation as well.
  • After a brief evaluation by the team, your creation will be listed in the NFT Calendar once you click submit. All of these procedures are entirely free.


The digital world offers numerous ways to make a lot of money, one of which is through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). This has recently gained popularity among the general population, especially after Ghozali’s success in making billions of rupiah just from the sale of NFT. When you consider this, it is not unexpected that in the end, this one technology is quite appealing to many people who want to obtain money quickly and easily.

There’s nothing wrong with generating money with NTF because it’s an application that everyone can use. However, the general public’s comprehension of NFT remains fairly limited. This product is still relatively new in the country, and most people are unfamiliar with it.


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