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5 Best Tips to Produce Better Photos on Social Media

With billions of pictures being uploaded online per day, there is no doubt that people are investing a lot of time to come up with better photos on social media to promote business. If you want to improve your photography skills and get more likes and shares on social media, here are some of the best tips we can share with you:

1.Learn about the proper composition and framing.

The rule of thirds is an important thing to learn about when studying the composition of your images. The best part is that the newer models of digital cameras are already equipped to let us see the photos in thirds. By placing your subject on the middle of the frame, you are somewhat giving it a pleasing effect since many visual platforms including Instagram show square photos.

2.Check if the resolution is compatible with the platform you are using.

A common mistake when uploading pictures in social media is that it is not large enough for viewing on various screen sizes. Consider the fact that even though more than half of all media today is already viewable on mobile device, around 42% of users still choose desktop when viewing media.

3.Use filter, but not too much.

A filter allows you to instantly edit your photos so they will have a better lighting or an increased vibrance. However, using filter heavily affect the natural beauty of your photo. Just a tip when editing your images, don’t increase the saturation if you are trying to make the photo more colorful. This will look over-edited and may not get as many likes as you wish.

4.Use photos not to brag but to tell a story.

As the line of a song goes, pictures paint a thousand words. Don’t be a mediocre who only posts pictures to brag. These types of people are the ones who often take selfies, a picture of their new car, or those who take photos of their lunch. These are ways of subtle bragging in a way. Don’t do this if you want to create an engagement. Instead, engage your audience by producing a meaningful content.

5.Don’t forget the hashtags.

Sometimes, even if you are already sharing the best photos, it becomes hard to get them noticed mainly because you are not using the tools to increase their popularity. Take advantage of hashtags that let you use relevant keywords ad reach the right people. Hashtags may be effective on Facebook but they are best applied on Instagram.

To add up to these tips, take note that Facebook groups can be of great help when you want to learn a few more stuff regarding photography. You can take part in discussions and even ask questions to the pros in your group. You can also turn to YouTube to watch how-tos regarding the technical aspects in using a camera. There are also certain techniques that you can apply to produce better photos using only your smartphone.

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