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5 Things You Can Look Forward in Malacca

The Red Square and Colorful Rickshaws

The Dutch Square and its similarly flamboyant neighbours, Christ Church, the Fountain of Queen Victoria and the Stadthuys are located in the heart of the city. Thanks to its colour, hence the other name Red Square, and the row of vibrant trishaws in front of the Christ Church, this place is difficult to miss.

Art Filled Cafes and Hostels

Art is everywhere, from cafés, souvenir shops, pubs, galleries, museums, castles, antique shops, houses infested with walls, and have I listed hostels? Such artsy hostels whetted my appetite for more entries from Malacca, and I’ll come back again. I love and admire the imagination, innovation and novelty that erupt from every corner of this quiet town.

A Famosa and the St. Paul’s Church

Here you can have a semi-panoramic view of Malacca, see old Portuguese tombstones that reminded me of the tablets of the Ten Commandments, and find local craftsmen and traders selling their masterpieces and souvenirs.

Cruise at Melaka River

For a 45-minute cruise on the Melaka River Cruise, you’ll enjoy a view of this city’s picturesque parts from the preserved traditional Malay villages to the river’s stunning murals decorating establishments and buildings. If you want to appreciate the view with a company, you can have a Melaka girl escort to join you.

Busy Jonker Street

Your ride to Melaka is incomplete without occurring on Jonker Street. There’s a night market where souvenir shops, bars, food stalls which the tourists will surely love, so you’ve got a variety of goodies to choose from and bring home while you’re having a nonstop party.