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7 Tips How NOT to Develop iOS Apps

There are plenty of app developers out there and although they are quite skilled and talented, not a lot of them know how to properly organize their coding. App creation is a really complex matter and if an iphone developer doesn’t know how to make things clean, it can be a pain to fix if there are any problems.

Today, I am going to talk about some tips on how NOT to develop iOS apps.

Keep Things Organized and Separate

There are far too many developers that just drop every file in one single folder. That is just a grave mistake because it could be harder for you to search for a particular file that you need.

As much as possible, create folders that will separate certain files that have certain functions.

If There Are Warning Signs, Pay Attention

When you drive on a road, what will you do if you see a warning sign? You usually stop, look at the sign, and then proceed with caution.

That is also the case when you are coding an app. If there are warning signs popping up, it is best that you stop what you’re doing, look at the warning sign, and then fix the problem until it goes away.

If You Can Shorten the Code, Do It

If you’ve searched on the web about the most problematic coding lines out there, you will see a whole bunch of code that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

As much as possible, make your codes short in a way that it only includes the vital lines of coding. If you want, you could make use of a tool such as “SwiftLint.” This tool will post warnings if your code is too long and if it is, it will require a revision before it goes away.

Complex Problems Have Been Solved Before

Coding is quite complex, but the good thing is that you are not alone on this one. When creating an app and if you happen to get stuck because you need to put in lines of code that you probably do not know about, don’t just sit there thinking about the solution; go to a resource online for help.

There are plenty of communities out there that might have come across the same problems as you have and they might have solutions for it. Use the web to search for those solutions instead of wasting more time trying to think about how to solve it on your own.

Do Not Use 3rd-Party Libraries Too Often

In the coding process, if there is a native solution for it- meaning that it doesn’t require any complex coding, use it.

Do not rely too much on 3rd-party libraries to fix trivial matters because it will only make things worse for you when it is time to fix the code.

Never Use Singletons

Take this advice at all costs. Never use singletons in an app creation project because it will make your life miserable. Simply put, Singletons are a line of code that defines only one instance of an object.

The reason why you don’t use them too much is that it can be troublesome to fix. So as much as possible, avoid using singletons.

Do Not Use Helper Class Too

Aside from not using Singletons, it is also best that you do not use Helper Class as well. To those who do not know, a helper class assists the programmer to provide some functions into the app. If you’re already knowledgeable enough, then you really do not need these.

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