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Affiliate Marketing

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Affiliate Program

Online entrepreneurs know very well the value of marketing for their business. Without it, their products won’t be sold and they are going to be forced to close shop in just a couple of months after opening.

That being said, most entrepreneurs are now running an e-commerce website in an attempt to generate more sales since an online shopping platform is much easier to use than going to a physical storefront to buy something. That is why most of them use affiliate marketing to help promote their businesses. Of course, they want to get as many affiliates as possible to build their own network through an affiliate program in Malaysia. However, not a lot of them do not know the cardinal rules of the game.

So today, I am going to talk about some of the deadly sins that you can make when starting an affiliate program.

Using Inferior Software

This is one of the most common mistakes that I see online entrepreneurs are doing. If you are running a business, you do not want to use inferior software that is not known for its quality. Typically, most business owners would go for the cheapest one they can find and although this is not to say that you couldn’t get a quality product for cheap- it is actually (and statistically) way better to spend some money on trusted software.

Having said that, you have to choose the best affiliate software that you can find. One of the best ones I could recommend is Post Affiliate Pro, but there are also others that you want to check out too.

Being Too Stingy on the Commissions

Ever wonder why you do not get as many quality affiliates as your competitors? Well, another common reason why that is the case is that some online entrepreneurs are quite stingy when it comes to their commissions.

Remember, your affiliates are people or companies that run a business and they want to stay afloat as well. That is why it is imperative that you sweeten the pot a little bit by giving them a bigger incentive than the ones being offered by your competitors.

No Frequent Communication

Unlike your antivirus software that you can just install and forget, your affiliates would require constant communication with you at all times. Sure, they are the ones that will promote or market your products- that is already a given. However, how will they know if they are doing a good job? Conversely, how will you know what they’re doing to promote your brand?

Constant communication is a must to help smoothen things out along the way.

Not Treating Them as Your Business Partners

Although not as common as the other ones I’ve already mentioned, this is still somewhat prevalent in this day and age. You have to understand that people in your affiliate program should be treated as business partners because they have the job of promoting your products so that people will actually buy them.

This is true regardless of how big or influential your affiliates are. Treat them equally and treat them with respect and good results will surely follow.

Working with Questionable People

Just like any business entity, there are also some affiliates that are highly questionable, which means that you should go the other way. Dealing with these people (or even worse, working with them) can harm the reputation you have worked hard to build. Do your due diligence and find those that are not only influential in your niche, but also those that have a pretty good reputation as well.