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Mobile App Development

How Much Does An App Cost To Build?


The cost for mobile app development packages in Malaysia usually starts with RM 100,000 and higher. Several variations may influence the production expense. Such as hybrid and native web applications, accessibility, project management (Agile and Waterfall) and hosting settings, too.

How Much Does An App Cost To Build?

Always Do Budgeting

Because cost uncertainty is high, setting a goal for your project is usually wise, such that the contractor can determine what kind of funds can be utilized to achieve economic feasibility for your project. This is a big move, because most mobile applications are fighting a financial battle. Perhaps insufficient funding during the production process for smartphone device launches and campaign campaigns, or lack of funds. Therefore, before embarking on a mobile app project, we strongly urge mobile app developers to look into this problem, as they have a major influence on their mobile device performance. Speak with the mobile app manufacturer regarding the plans clearly and frankly and they can be perfectly organized.

Cost Calculation Example

And, with a project concerning mobile apps, we subtract the manufacturing costs. A complete iOS, Android project and a web-based management system need at least seven participants of one team.

Max 1 iOS developer, 1 android developer, 1 site developer, 1 project manager, 1 business consultant, 1 UI / UX creator and 1 QA check. The overall salary for these professionals is about RM4,000

And the total operating production expense is roughly RM28,000. This costs around RM 150,000 including operating expenditures and gross margins if it takes 4 months to finish the plant. This number is a tentative estimate targeted towards a medium-scale project.

However, in some cases costs can be reduced as some facilities do not necessarily include the 4-month output time span. We assume we are developing native applications for this cost estimation. The cost of creating a hybrid device would be smaller, though for specific ventures it would cost about RM100k though higher.

How Much Does An App Cost To Build?

Is It Profitable To Create A Mobile App?

Creation of mobile apps can be lucrative, but first you need to spend a lot of time and money. In reality, other aspects decide whether or not the smartphone device represents a financial gain. It discusses many of these considerations here.


You can’t generate money on a device if nobody uses it. Therefore, you will be well identified to the target market. Be trained to ask concerns about the consumer audience, such as the desires and the incentives to utilize an object. Talk on how well the market is regulated, and how nice it is, as there are similar features out there.

You will have to consider whether you intend to make the business conscious to potential consumers as you know who the product wants to reach and whether it is put in the market. Can you bring attention in other applications? Offline-Online? Online? On-line? If so, which sites are visited most often by these potential clients? What would you figure out, if you’re not sure? You ‘re going to get a website? If not, how are you able to draw new clients?