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How To Monitor Mobile App Performance Metrics

Always Be On Top Of The Health Of Your App

Are you an application developer who wants to thrive in the digital landscape? Well, you should learn how to follow the industry standards and best practices properly. Track the overall health of your mobile app.

Do you have one-star reviews at the app store, and other platforms? Well, if you won’t go through everything, you’ll never know the root of the problem.

Monitor Mobile App Crashes

Experiencing mobile app crashes is horrible. Fortunately, it’s very simple to monitor everything remotely. Apple and Google automatically tracks app crashes on iOS and Android.

Monitor Non-Fatal Errors

Crashes are considered as fatal errors because they push the app to stop running. However, keep in mind that not all errors are fatal. You can track these using the same exact tools that you use to report crashes. Though apps don’t crash because of non-fatal errors, it’s still possible to report them as high-severity problems.

Monitor Other Mobile App Performance Metrics

There are tons of mobile application performance metrics that an app developer must track. At some point, unpredictable errors may turn up. For some errors, you can detect them through proxy metrics. What are proxy metrics? They are measurable quantities that correlate with either app performance and user satisfaction.

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