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Loose Slot Machines

Finding Loose Slot Machines

The primary goal for slot players? Look for a loose machine amidst a vast ocean of slot machines at the casino floor. This is more like finding a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. Have you tried looking for loose machine? Very few players achieve this goal.

The word loose, when describing slot machines, is completely relative to the casino and location. Payback is the entire percentage that a slot machine will return to players in the long run.

A loose slot machine pays back a greater percentage compared to other machines, so the word loose can be relative to the other slot machines at the same casino.

Loose Slot Machines

Myth or Fact

Several myths have been circulating regarding the placement of these machines at the casino floor as contradict to the common online 918kiss Malaysia.

Below are some reasonings behind these myths.

  • Slot machines which are located near the end of the rows are loose. This myth exists because when players see other players win, they will be encouraged to go down the row in order to play the machines.
  • Slot machines near the buffet and showroom are tight. The reason behind this specific myth? The players who are waiting in line for the buffet or show are a captive audience.
  • Slot machines near casino cages are loose. The reason behind this myth is that the casino wants you to see all of these people winning while you’re waiting in line. It will encourage you to play more and more.
  • Loose slot machines are always surrounded by tight slot machines. The reason behind this myth? Several players love to play at many machines at the same time.
  • Loose slot machines are located at the entrance. They think that this done for people to see players winning. It will entice them to play as well.
  • Slot machines near the table games are always tight. The reason behind this myth? The machine’s noises will distract the players.

Think Like a Casino Executive!

Loose Slot Machines

Determined to find loose slot machines? Well, you need to think like a casino executive. If you are, where would you put all the loose slot machines? There are many myths surrounding this, and every casino person has heard every single one of them.

If you’re a manager, you wouldn’t put a loose one near the aisle. You would want to bury it down the row. Think of this as reverse psychology.

Be Realistic

The overall chances of ending up with a loose machine is slim. Don’t give up, though. Playing at different machines in order to find a loose one can add variety in your play.

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