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The movement of a mechanical timepiece is powered by a metal’s coiled wire. It is called mainspring, and must be wound by hand. The longer the mainspring is, the longer you can go in between windings, and the longer the powered reserve is. Are you thinking of getting a mechanical watch in Malaysia? Well, take note that not all mechanical watches are created equal. Here is a quick guide.



The work and engineering that goes into manufacturing mechanical timepieces is breathtaking. Inside the watch case are small springs and gears that work well together to tell you the time. It’s all part of the watch’s charm. If you love intricate craftsmanship, consider adding a mechanical watch in your collection.


For many people, the fact that you need to hand-wind the watch adds to its overall appeal. There is something about winding that connects you more with time and with the device.

No need for batteries.

Since a mechanical timepiece is runs with the help of a hand-wound mainspring, there is no need for you to replace batteries. If it suddenly stops ticking, all you need to do is wind it up.



The precision engineering and craftsmanship that goes into this type of movement is going to cost you a lot. But, don’t worry. There are some cheaper alternatives. Some mechanical timepieces cost only around $500.

It requires regular winding.

It’s true that most mechanical timepiece mainsprings can last two days without winding. Consider this as a part of an intense watch care routine. However, it is highly recommended that you wind it at least once a day. For busy, preoccupied people, this can be a nuisance.

Sensitive to the environment.

A mechanical watch is composed of intricate gears and springs. Thus, this watch movement can be very sensitive to the environment. Dust, magnets, shocks and moisture are your primary enemies here.

Not as accurate as quartz movement.

While it is well-crafted and sophisticated, it is really not that accurate. Lots of environmental factors and situations can negatively impact a timepiece’s accuracy.