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Offline Registration With SSM

In this day and age, almost anything can be done online. Most companies and even some government agencies are working hard to formulate and make applications and processes available online. Even the procedures, requirements and other required items are conveniently laid out online. This is exactly why more and more people heavily rely on online information and the internet. This practice is prevalent and it’s the new way of doing things.

There is nothing wrong with relying on the SSM online registration and taking advantage of what the worldwide web can offer. However, there are still a few segments of the population with limited knowledge and access to technology. For these segments, doing things old school is the way to go. Going through offices, interacting with various employees and so on are all part of businesses and companies. For such cases, here is the offline business registration procedure in SSM.

1. Choose three names for company names – Before heading out to register offline, better prepare three names of your company. In addition, decide if you are going to use a company name or a trade name. Be sure to consider company names that are related to the trade or industry, easy to remember and catchy. The company or trade name that you are going to choose will be a part of your business or company forever. In addition, make sure that the names are available.

2. Fill out the necessary form – Figuring out the company or trade name is only step one. The next step is obtaining and filling out the proper application forms for the registration. Make sure that all the information written in the forms is accurate and correct. Having typographical errors may mean issues or problems in the future and may lead further to paying fines. Thus, be attentive of details and information. Always remember to double check.

3. Register to the SSM Main office – After the completion of the initial requirements and the filling out of forms, you are now ready to go to the SSM Main Office to submit the forms with the corresponding documentary requirements. Be sure to bring all necessary documents and paperworks to avoid going back and forth. This does not only wastes time but also adds to unnecessary expenses.

4. Pay fees – With the forms filled out correctly and accurately, the names thought of and the mandatory documentary requirements submitted, the final part is paying for the assessed fees. Like all applications, there are corresponding fees in the registration of business. Be sure to pay accordingly and to keep transaction receipts for future reference. After paying, the last thing to do is to wait for the business or company registration, then that’s it.

To sum up the process, it does not seem as laborious as expected from government transactions. This is because SSM keeps procedures streamlined for easier and faster compliance. In view of this, even without any gadget or internet, business registration with SSM is possible. Though more leg work is required, having this option is a good way to accommodate those who are reluctant to utilize online processes and procedures.