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VPS Hosting versus Cloud Hosting

Are you looking for the best hosting service and company for your new website? There are tons of reliable web hosting companies in Malaysia that you can choose from. Two of the most popular types of web hosting that you can go for are VPS hosting and cloud hosting. Learn more about the two, and check which one can give your website more value.

What is a VPS hosting service?

Virtual private servers, or VPS hosting, is based on servers developed through virtualization mechanism. Here are some of its important benefits.

The advantages of VPS hosting

1. VPS hosting is secure. All website data and files are not accessible to other clients, regardless of their server rights.
2. VPS hosting provides complete and total freedom. You are free to manage the server according to our preferences. If you want, you can install all the software and tools you need.
3. VPS hosting is efficient. Unlike in a shared hosting set up, VPS is not entirely dependent on the audience or traffic. You are isolated from the other servers, and you have your very own resources.

What is a cloud hosting service?

Cloud hosting is the newest web host today, and is an advanced hosting solution that you can provide your website. Do you know that websites hosted on a cloud can be accessed anytime, whenever they want.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

1. Cloud hosting is highly reliable because the websites are hosted on virtual partitions that uses multiple physical networks.
2. Cloud hosting sis secured by several physical servers which are protected from third- parties and other people who want to interrupt their services.
3. Cloud hosting scalable, flexible and extensible. The resources are available depending on your request, in real time.
4. Cloud hosting is the most practical choice for you, since you only pay for those services that you use.

Which one should you choose?

A VPS hosting plan is less effective because it allocates a particular amount of computing resources to every client. Thus, if the requirements grow, the system won’t be able to manage the extra workflow. Meanwhile, with cloud hosting, the increase can be handled in a more unique way. If the first server reaches the optimum level, the second server is here to address the problem. VPS are for those individuals who just want to host a website.